Welcome to AK Barbers, where precision meets artistry. Founded by AK, who’s honed his craft for over two decades, our reputation stands on the impeccable quality of our haircuts.

Each snip, trim, and style is a testament to our dedication to perfection. With a deep understanding of textures, trends, and techniques, we ensure that every client leaves our chair looking their absolute best. Our team, handpicked by AK himself, is a blend of seasoned professionals who share a singular passion: delivering haircuts that don't just meet but exceed expectations.

At AK Barbers, it's not just about a haircut; it's about the art of creating the perfect look that aligns with your individual style. Whether you're after a classic cut, a contemporary style, or something entirely unique, we've got the skills and attention to detail to make it happen.

So drop by and experience firsthand the quality that has made AK Barbers a local favorite. Your hair deserves nothing but the best, and that's what we're here to deliver.


Meet AK, the guy who started it all. With 20 years in the game, he’s your go-to for everything from skin fades to razor shaves, threading to scissor cuts. He’s got a knack for crafting the perfect look, whether you’re after a sharp beard trim or a fresh, new haircut. AK’s all about the details and making sure you walk out feeling your absolute best. Come by, say hi, and see for yourself!


Umar is a pillar of expertise at AK Barbers. With over 20 years perfecting the craft, he's become a favorite for those in search of immaculate beards, clean fades, and classic cuts. Plus, if you need those brows tamed, he's got you covered. Umar’s approach is simple: combine time-tested techniques with a touch of modern flair. Swing by Umar’s chair and let his experience do the talking.


With 11 years of refining his techniques, LT BRAZIL is our in-house maestro for afro hair. Whether it's skin fades, intricate beard trims, or designs on both long and short hair, he's got the touch. His passion shines through in every cut, ensuring you get a style that's both bold and uniquely yours. For a fresh take on classic and modern styles, LT BRAZIL's chair is where you'll want to be.



With 15 years perfecting his craft, Aitesham is a versatile gem at AK Barbers. Beyond mastering all haircut types, he’s got a keen eye for threading and eyebrow shape-ups, ensuring your entire look is on point. But the experience doesn’t end there; indulge in his rejuvenating facials and head massages for that extra touch of relaxation. For a comprehensive grooming session that both pampers and perfects, make your way to Aitesham's chair.


With 10 years shaping and styling, Armando is the genius behind some of our most refined fades and the master of slick back scissor cuts. If it's a razor-finished beard you're chasing, he's got the skills to make it flawless. Merging the best of modern techniques with timeless artistry, every visit to Armando ensures a grooming experience that stands out. Step into his world, and you'll quickly understand why his chair is often the one in demand.


Bringing 12 years of diverse experience to the table, Mohammad is the one you seek for a little extra pampering. Specializing in relaxing facial and head massages, meticulous beard trims, and skin fades finished with a razor’s precision, he’s also your go-to for vibrant hair colouring. Mohammad’s versatile skills promise a grooming session that’s as rejuvenating as it is stylish. Pop by his chair for a touch of luxury and leave feeling refreshed and looking sharp.


With an impressive 52 years of experience, Ben is undeniably the OG of the AK Barbers crew. A master craftsman who’s seen and styled it all, Ben excels in tending to both men's and ladies' hair, showcasing his unparalleled versatility. His depth of knowledge and experience brings a unique touch to every haircut, making each client feel special. When you're in Ben's chair, you're not just getting a cut – you're getting a piece of barbering history.


Muhammad, with two decades in the industry, is the jack-of-all-trades at AK Barbers. Whether you're after a long flowing style or a sharp short cut, he's mastered them all. His vast experience ensures that no matter the request, you'll walk out with a style that feels just right. Come experience the versatility of Muhammad's craftsmanship firsthand.


Hailing from Romania and armed with 15 years of barbering finesse, Andy is a master when it comes to skin fades and slick back styles. His European touch adds a unique flair to his work, ensuring you get a style that's both edgy and sophisticated. Whether you're after that ultra-clean fade or a slicked-back masterpiece, Andy's your guy. Experience the continental difference with every cut.


Raja, with a solid 20 years behind the scissors, seamlessly bridges the gap between timeless classics and the hottest trends. His vast experience ensures that whether you’re seeking a traditional trim or a cut that's all the rage, you’re in expert hands. Raja's ability to blend the old with the new makes every session in his chair a tailored experience. Visit Raja to find the perfect intersection of style and tradition.

"At AK Barbers, our team of 10 expert barbers brings a staggering 195 years of combined experience to the table. From classic cuts to the latest trends, there's no style we can't master. Your dream cut isn't just a promise; it's our guarantee."



"Great barbers, always come here, Naveed is a professional, always takes his time with my hair and does an excellent job everytime. Highly recommended"




"All of the hair stylists are superb. All very experienced, friendly and will do based on your choice. Nice ambience and atmosphere and never a wait. For me it is a regular visit with Mr. Butt, very professional and nice person. Must recommend this in Maidenhead."




AK barbers hit the spot every time. Long opening hours, reasonable prices and loads of return customers like me year after year.




"Amazing place. My 2 year old had his first trim today. I just wanted a tidy/shape up for his curly mop and I was so pleased. Great, patient barber, lots of helpful advice. Will be going back regularly."



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Skin Fade - £17.99
Skin Fade + Beard - £29.99
Skin Fade + Beard + Eybrows - £31.99
Standard Cut - £12.99
Standard Cut + Beard - £24.99
Seniors Cut - £11.99
Scissor Cut - £15.99
Zero Hair cut - £15.99
0.5 Hair Cut - £14.99
Beard with Razor - £12.99
Threading Eyebrows or Face - £4.99
Facial - £14.99

Please note that at AK Barbers, we strive to provide a seamless booking experience for our customers. However, in the event that the appointment you have made is no longer available, we will promptly inform you and offer an alternative time slot. Additionally, we kindly request that you arrive on time for your appointment, as we prioritize punctuality. If you are more than 15 minutes late, we may need to prioritize the next customer and ask you to join the queue upon your arrival. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.